A Complete Guide On How To Organize A 3-Paragraph Essay

An essay can be defined as scholarly writing based on a particular topic, subject, theme, place, person or an event. An article is constructed on well-organized paragraphs which follows a certain rules or guidelines. Writing a write-up is an art which requires sophisticated skill, creativity and enough knowledge on the topic.

A 3 paragraph write up is generally a comprehensive article written in 3 paragraphs. It teaches the students to create, visualize the topic in 3 sections and to organize their thoughts on the paper. An effective 3 paragraph descriptive writing has to be concise and it should cover all the aspects regarding the topic.

General format of a 3 paragraph essay:

Three paragraph articles should be constructed in such a way that the entire topic is organized and conveyed through different paragraphs. The basic format of a 3 paragraph descriptive writing is given below:

  • An introductory paragraph: this marks the first step of your article and it should create the best impression to the readers. The introductory paragraph introduces the main topic to the readers and it has to be catchy and attractive. Including the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph is the most essential factor. Illustrate what is elaborated on your article briefly and try to add some hooks or quotes in the first paragraph which attracts the readers.
  • Article body: this paragraph determines the quality of your entire work and it should mention your strongest argument, analysis, experimentations and methodologies etc. cleverest illustration regarding the specific topic must be included and it should never deviate from your thesis statement.
  • Conclusion Paragraph: this section summarizes your entire work and the author needs to restate the results derived from the experimentation of the topic. A clear solution should be provided for the problem and readers must able to arrive at your conclusion without any doubts regarding the topic.

Points to remember while constructing a 3 paragraph article:

  • Visualizing the structure of the article and organizing the contents into three different paragraphs
  • Deciding on the thesis statement and creating an outline before writing the article.
  • Concise and comprehensive way of presenting the topic makes your article perfect and it creates a great impact on the readers.
  • Redrafting and editing the work makes your article free from errors, grammatical mistakes etc and this defines the quality of your work.

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