In Search Of A Perfect 3-Paragraph Narrative Essay Example

A narrative essay revolves around three major elements- the story teller, the story and the reader. Apart from that setting, character, conflicts, climax and resolution are some other elements that create an atmosphere and present the story from the writer’s point of view. You need to take care of all these aspects carefully while writing a 3 paragraph essay.

Outline -

Your first paragraph is the introduction: Based on the topic sentence of the paper, you should follow flexible writing style. Be creative and keep it as much interesting as you can. You have the liberty to use figurative language while writing the structural component being precise and clear. For example if your topic is to describe a party where you have more enemies than friends, then do not start the topic being very direct but say-

“I never thought that I will be entrapped in such a tough situation any day. I could neither call those people my friends nor enemies but I had to mingle with them with a broad smile on my face. That bright sunny and beautiful morning did not offer me any hint that my night was going to be so pathetic and horrible”.

The best part of such narrative essays is that they offer you complete leverage to frame your ideas in the way you like. Such narration states that the situation was an unpleasant one. It also prompts the reader to proceed further trying to know what actually happened that day.

Body paragraph: Make the thought flow spontaneous and stress free. Its structure and components should be organized well. After introducing the topic, you can proceed further to the body paragraph. Flashbacks should be limited. Avoid saying – “I will describe that point later”. Such sentences break the flow. If you are doubtful regarding your writing skills, keep writing and explain only the future content. Do not repeat the names very often. It creates monotony in the essay. Spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes completely changes the meaning and fails to meet the objective.

Writing conclusion of the narrative essay: This part is the summary of entire content that is discussed earlier. Use your creative skills and convey the message effectively. This is the final paragraph and hence you do not need to elaborate the content as it has been done in body of the essay. Never introduce or discuss anything new here. This section should offer a final tone bringing the discussion to the end. Such compositions require very clear mode of expression. The usage of significant words and metaphorical language makes it still better.

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