Colonization Of Palestinians

Palestinian colonization cannot be properly comprehended without comprehending the ideological and historical origins of the conflict. The interests of British imperialist minds and Zionists coincided to bring Palestinians under subjugation. The process further called for violent procedures using tactics of ethnic cleansing and genocide. These strategies ended in establishment of legal wilderness having seeds of apartheid based on very systematic discrimination other Palestinians (non-Jewish). Massad mentioned Theodore Herzl’s view about the establishment of Israel that worked as a rampart against Asia; it also worked as a strategic civilizational outpost against barbaric nations.

This conflict had not any cultural or religious issues to be addressed rather it was solely a plan to have control over Arab economic corridor; an old colonizational tradition. British and American government found it important to have control over oil reserves of Arab-world by establishing a state faithful to them. Us National Security Council mentioned in 1953 that it was the US policy to have control over Arab oil reserves.

Zionist ambitions aimed not only to settle in Palestine but they also planned to have complete control over the territory and wanted to dispossess non-Jewish population from the land. In 1947, UN declared the partition of the land into ‘Arab’ and ‘Jewish’ Palestine. According to Resolution 181 more land was supposed to be given to Jewish minority and it also decided fertile lands for Jews which in response paved way for Jewish politico-territorial dominance. In fact the resolution was passed under severe American pressure over the states which were UN members. Palestinians protested against the resolution to show the world about their being colonized and apartheid but their voice could not charge any one and they had to accept the Plan because it had support of Britain, America and other powerful nations. Very few Palestinians supported Mufti for fight against this injustice and Israel set its foot toward colonization of the natives in Palestine.

Now Zionist expansion plans could not even coincide with UN resolution 181 because it declared a separate state for no-Jewish population as well, therefore they secretly refused to accept the resolution. Gurion observed that from the very start it was planned to establish Israel not only dominant state but as solely sovereign state of the territory. The rejection plan had to propositions either to expel Palestinians from their land or to crush them by brutal force. Their alliance will hold the pressure from the world, if any. After 1948 aggressive attacks on non-Jewish population forced non-Jewish population to take refuge in West Bank and Israeli administered Gaza strip, although UN admits the rights of Palestinians to go back to their ancestral home but it has become difficult to force Israel to do this because the economic strategic plans do not let powerful nations to come forward for the resolution of the issue.

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