Hamâ's Argument For Biblical Literalism

When a person reads the Bible and tries to co-relate its world view with science, it’s called scientific approach, but on the other hand, when a person takes the Bible literally and follows the assumption that the Bible is the word of God & is Infallible (Foley), it’s called Creationist approach. Ken Ham or Kenneth Alfred Ham is a Australian born Young Earth Creationist, who currently lives in Cincinnati Metropolitan Area USA ,founded the organization named Answers in Genesis, and established a Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. His arguments revolves around the idea that earth is only 6,000 years old as stated in the Bible unlike scientific world who state it 4.5 billion years old. He strongly believed that the Book of Genesis is an authentic historical account of world evolution & rejected the view of molecule—to-man evolution.

No one deny that radiometric dating which measures the ages of many terrestrial artifacts of primitive nature could be wrong, but Ham does not believe the technique. He asked several times questions like “were you there?”.He criticized the Darwin theory of human evolution and compares it with Nazism & Racism, and used “Intelligent Design” argument to support his idea. He also classified science as historical & observational where the former deals it with Bible Literalism. In order to prove the scientific domain of his arguments he coined the term of “creation scientists”.

The CNN news media which often famous for its exclusive hot debates, hosted much publicized debate between Ken ham vs. Bill Nye on the topic of Whether young earth creationism is a viable model of origins in the contemporary scientific era, which was held on 4thFeb. 2014 at Creation Museum attracted audience from all over the world. In the debate Nye, who is also known as the Science Guy, unabashedly expressed critical view of creationism and evolution denial. He also accused Ham as bad for science education & for U.S.

In the response Ham raised an argument which says that the Nye’s hidden agenda behind this is to make children to not believe in God, which consequently leads to myriad social problems like: euthanasia, racism, homosexual behavior, pornography & family breakup. Informal logical fallacies are also used to prove his point in which only two ways existed for everything. He did not talk anything regarding middle ground or third option.

Hence, the mystery around the life formation on the surface of earth is still in dilemma that whether it was just a random, undirected process or a purposefully planned outcome.

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