Importance Of Leadership And Responsibilities

Importance of Leadership:

A recent financial express claimed that Organisations are lacking good leaders. This justifies two understanding, one being that good leaders are required for essential functioning of business and other being Organisations cannot be successful without good leaders monitoring them. The above quote by financial express has claimed its worry about the economy. To our understanding not only corporate, but profitable and non profitable ventures and political organisations all need a centralised rope managed and monitored by a true and an effective leader. Every manager in an organisation has to be good leader, because manager gets the task done by its own style and practice, where else, a leader does a thorough study over the task, calls for a brainstorming session and draws the point of conclusion. This task executed by a leader involves brainstorming, allocation, distribution and compilation so that best touch is given to the task. Leaders should be the main component in the think tank of any organisation. It is generally claimed that leaders are born, but our study says that leaders can be created. An extinct in a human being bagged by the skill to adapt and implement or develop good leadership skills in them can bring out a good leader out of them.

Responsibilities’ of leaders:

Drawing targets and goals:

Leaders should know what they want to achieve. Before knowing what they want to achieve, one should set a target and goals for oneself so that leaders knows what needs to be achieved?


After the goal is marked it needs a time foundation as well, so that a leader knows in how much time he has to achieve the goal. Planning here indicates the path that a leader should draw for him for achieving this goal.

Formulating a team:

Leaders is said to be a leader when he has a troupe of admirers which are his followers. If you don’t have a team than you will be a sole manager, this means you shall be a team player not the team leader.

Being Ethical:

A leader is an ideal for all of his followers and others so while choosing, planning and executing; Leader has to make sure that he is being ethical at every step of his work.

Analysing, brainstorming, distribution, compiling, execution and rest other roles that leader has to undergo. This totally depends upon the nature of task allocated to them.


All the responsibilities can attempt to get organisation in good shape. These responsibilities can develop the qualities in leaders, which will raise the level of working, and hence will increase the productivity to a great extent. Leaders in any organisations can bring a positive change in working of the organisation. Organisations who failed to take good care of these elements are now facing a downfall and crisis. So it’s good to follow, instead of having a good fall.

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