Effective Guidelines For Composing The Best Narrative Essay

If you love to write, and you can do this without too much effort, a narrative essay is extremely easy for you. Basically, what you have to do is to tell a story related to the topic in a interesting and exciting way. Most of the time you have to write a narrative essay from your own point of view. You have the chance to express your own style and ideas, and you should take advantage of this. As long as you follow these guidelines, your composition will be perfect:

  • Find a topic that’s worth writing about. You will have to give many details and information about it, so make sure it is an interesting one. If the topic itself is dull, the story that you will tell will be boring and non impressive. You can talk about a book, a place, a person, anything as long as you can find information about it.
  • Go into details. This is one of the few types of essays where writing details is not only allowed, but recommended. You need to describe that idea from every perspective, to mention every small element connected to it. You must be very talented to write a piece like this, because it’s easy to make it boring with so much information.
  • Think about what you support. Ok, you describe something, but why? The entire composition needs a foundation, and this is usually a particular idea that you sustain. To support this idea, you will narrate a story connected to it. You can mention this idea at the beginning or at the end of your essay, depending on what you like.
  • Use dialogue. Any story needs to have a dialogue right? You can use it in your text as long as it isn’t too much. You can not use an entire page for one dialogue. Used in the right way, this can make your essay very engaging and your classmates will be happy to listen to it. When you read it out loud, change your voice as you interpret each character of the story.
  • Introduce a few conflicts. Without this, everything will be plain and dull. You can not only describe, as a random viewer, the story that happens in front of you. You must make it exciting and alive, so create tension at some point .

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