Writing A Great Essay On The Importance Of Life Skills

Life skills are one of the most important skills a young person should learn as a teenager. These skills promote a change in behavior or development of behavior to achieve a balance between these three areas namely skills, attitude and knowledge. These skills include in social and psychosocial education of the teenagers or young ones to teach them interpersonal skills. Such education helps them in making critical decisions, evaluating their choices, having a rational approach towards things and self-managements skills that would help them succeed in managing a healthy life.

If you are to write an essay about the importance of life, skills than you need to make sure you clearly understand the term. People often mistake these skills with livelihood skills, which is not right. Livelihood skills are those that help you earn a living and make money to survive and support your family. Life skills are personal and interpersonal skills that help teenagers from unsafe sex, early pregnancies, HIV/AIDS. Committing suicide and involve in activities of self-harm like drugs and physically harming themselves. This helps an individual grow from childhood into adulthood by understanding the physical and emotional changes and accepting themselves in the society. You can focus your topic of the essay on the importance of these skills in developing problem solving skills and ability in a person to maintain his social self and competence.

Teenagers often face the problem of short temperament in a less tolerant society; you can write your essay on how developing these skills can help the person in managing his anger and developing self-esteem. People may benefit from it by weighing the pros and cons of the situation at hand and act mature in a problem behavior. A student can also discuss the importance of these skills in building social interactions and positive social activity. You can choose any of these or more of these to write your essay because they are all very important things that a child needs to learn.

You can even consider yourself as a child and analyze the skills you lacked or the education you lacked which led to certain problems for you. You can apply this situation in your paper and explain how the lack of knowledge about life skills can affect a person’s life and decisions. Make sure to include relevant data and supporting evidence to support your stance.

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