A Quick Guide To Writing A One-Page MLA Format Essay

When you write a one page essay you will be flooded with options but the trick is being sensible and selecting the right6 topic. You will have to select a topic that is both diverse yet can be explained in few words. At the most you should not choose a subject which can be written in too many ways or has too many aspects for correct understanding. When you write, you will have to follow the MLA format of writing. It is the most popular of all formats and very easy to follow. Always try and keep things short so that you can finish it within the stipulated word limit. Here are a few tips you must follow while writing in the MLA style.

Helpful suggestions on composing a good one page essay:

  • The first thing you will have to do is select the font type and size. The most standard font that is used in MLA is the Times New Roman. The font should be legible yet not too big so that you can fit everything within the one page. You can set it to 12.
  • The next thing you will have to be careful about is the margins. You can leave 1 inch for margins. This will make the reader’s job easier.
  • The spacing between the paragraphs has to be increased. This is the place where the teacher will give their remarks and also a clearly defined paragraph will help the reader to understand your work. You will have to set the paragraph spacing to double than what is set as default.
  • When you are planning the paper you will have to keep these basic structures in mind. Make sure you write in such a way that the paragraph fits the page.
  • You will have to select points that do not require too much explanation. This way you will save space but then again the paper must be about the topic and not how many points you can fit in. do not go overboard but that does not mean you will leave half explained points. You may sacrifice one point if that will mean the proper explanation of the other two facts.
  • Before you begin mention the topic name, name of the teacher, your house color if there is any, your name and also the date in the header section.

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