Ancient Rome

By the time the Roman Empire had comfortably established itself, it brought much stability to the world as well as some customs we still use today. Three elements the Roman Empire brought to the world show themselves in our buildings, our government, and the way we fight wars. This essay will examine the infrastructural influence of ancient Rome, the senate that was ruled by Caesar, and the roman army and its ruthless generals.


Perhaps the most well-known aspect of ancient Rome is the architecture. Great coliseums, bath houses, and communal buildings evolved with the empire as time went by. Much of this type of architecture is still utilized today. Our houses mimic the styles of old Roman buildings in both structure and the materials they were built from. Many of the stone buildings can still be found in Rome today, giving testament to their sturdiness. Ancient Rome is also historically famous for its roads, which connected the then-known world.


Although Rome was ruled by an emperor, under that emperor was a senate. These were government officials who had an influence on the laws and customs of Roman society. This political system was very different to former systems. Instead of having all rule fall under one man, the people of Rome had a big say. Hence governors were set over portions of the empire so that it could be managed more efficiently—and democratically. This may have paved the way to the democratic system we use today.


But the most notable part of ancient Rome was its military power. Generals were set over armies and strategy was a key factor in Rome’s successes in conquest. We know from ancient manuscripts that armies were divided and sent into battle during key moments. There was more structure and order to Rome’s armies than those barbaric armies of the past. Strategy played a more significant role and discipline was of utmost importance.

The Greek empire may have brought intellect and universal language to the world, but ancient Rome contributed so much more. Their roads connected the known world and made travel that much more convenient and safe. Their buildings were the marvel of the world—especially their arenas and senates. Their political system, though it had its flaws, adapted to what the people wanted. Finally, Rome’s military conquest spread far and wide, and many of these conquests resulted in the culture we have today.

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