Positive Impact Of HR Practices On Organizational Outcome


In terms of balance, HR is the cornerstone of the concept of organization, and the nature of this vital relationship is that it's mainly based on factors beyond superficial standards, which requires immediate attention, and profound analyzing to all cases individually. Starting from recruiting, guidance, training, and coordinating with executive plans, collecting data to be studied, and inventing on regular basis methods to embody the organization's management, and working-team, to enhance performance, and deliver resources to goals, effortlessly, and passionately, as HR could be seen sometimes as a third party, and connection, and manpower control. This argument has started long ago of how effective or harmful HR is. Even before the modern history, and it is endlessly ongoing. It cannot be limited or framed, it's mainly on and about humans as resource, and the human limits and boundaries are unknown yet, still undefined. So managing human skills in role of Human Resources, and it's work is very challenging, small details could change what the human (Doctor-worker-engineer-pilot) is capable of.


This sensitive equation could only be dismantled by a subtle disconnection between strategies and practices, in which every unexpected misconception could be an obstacle, unless organization functions in a flexible platform, to be able perform fully, for a constant outcome, or even increasing one. Many studies were experienced in the modern history, early with the machine age, by academics, and work data in different fields, and most of its results are pointing to create alternative customary work-environment, and other possibilities, to keep the outcome from going down, considering that theoretically almost every system has its own tools to develop itself. So collecting database and study it is becoming a need. However, most studies have gaps, related to very complicated and special events, and effects. More database is required still for adjusted measurements, and standards, to be called scientifically information.

Scholars from different disciplines have considered the psychological element, and they have given progressive testimonials on this matter. The motivation, and effect on outcome, as it's a main problem to be considered by HR. Samad Seyidov has discussed management psychology in (1998) and all is linked to right place, right time, specially creativity, and production constancy, which is one of the main HR duties. In 1995 Ledford studied more than 300 organizational units, and found that teams perform better than individuals. This study lead us to confirm that the normal human connection encourages and supports employees to perform their duties with less pressure, and more desire to set the mind in a competitive mood, with small percentage of impersonal relationships that might interrupt the outcome.


The Studies of Seyidov, and Ledford is an evidence that employees with their qualification can perform fully only with HR wise management, considering many factors, and to be taken to the right place, and followed up in a non-stop process of support, and evaluation to reveal their potentials for their benefit, and the benefit of the organization.

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