15 Great Comparison And Contrast Essay Topics For Middle School

Lightning would not be as thrilling to the vision if it did not have the dark black sky as its background. A gazelle’s speed appears astounding when it runs along with common deer. A spectacular gown looks resplendent when in the midst of clothes which are common fare.

The simple logic

The logic is simple; you can inhale the majesty of contrast only when two or more distractingly different things are placed in order. Amazingly, these two often frequently happen to have common strands, common vein and a range of similarities.

The intimidating precept

This pretext makes the sound of compare and contrast essays quite intimidating. These are special pieces offered to students from middle school to college to evaluate their germs of comparison.

Think special

While working on these essays, you should take care to present the points of similarities and differences in refined and distinct manner so that the two don’t overlap. You should intuitively demarcate some special points in your essay, which do not normally chart discussions.

Remain observant

You should remain observant and learn about the two entities in detail right from their origin to their behavior; their standpoints to their means of operation. You will find enough avenues on which to compare or contrast them in your essays.

Be clear and direct

You cannot make conjectures or subtle references while making your point. You need to be clear and emphatic about how you perceive them and where they are similar or different from each other. Your essay should be as crystal-clear as water droplets.

Here are 15 startling compare and contrast essay topics for your purview

  • Compare and contrast the solar system with the revolution of protons and electrons around neutrons in an atom
  • Compare and contrast the style of Mikhail Tal and Bobby Fischer; two great chess players
  • Compare and contrast the monarchial system of Napoleon Bonaparte and Akbar the Great
  • Compare and contrast Nelson Mandela with Mahatma Gandhi
  • Compare and contrast river water fishes with sea water fishes
  • Compare and contrast boarding schools with general schools
  • Compare and contrast military life with a normal person’s life
  • Compare and contrast the qualities of acai berry and blueberry
  • Compare and contrast the mindset of a criminal before and after he is caught
  • Compare and contrast the position of women in today’s time as opposed to the medieval times
  • Compare and contrast Moscow and New York City
  • Compare and contrast Middle East crisis with India-Pakistan crisis
  • Compare and contrast Fidel Castro with Saddam Husain
  • Compare and contrast the education pattern of the East and West
  • Compare and contrast the usefulness of ATMs vis-à-vis Smartphones
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