Advice For Composing An Impressive Essay Introduction About School Uniforms

Essay writing is an important academic task that you will attempt at various points during your life as a student. When you write your first paper of this style, you may be in your primary grade and the assignment would be a few sentences long. When you promote to higher grades, you will see that the length and complication of these papers increases. You will also observe that the type and style of the assignment would also change. You would learn about argumentative, expository, narrative, illustration, opinion, analysis, descriptive, narrative and comparison styles. Each of these styles is different from the others and requires the student to follow specific instructions. If you are to create an effective introduction of a paper about school uniforms then you should follow the given instructions

The introduction of your paper

The introduction is the first paragraph in your assignment and acts as a transition between the reader’s world to yours. You have to make sure that you create an effective and engaging introduction for your assignment so that you can hook your audience and keep them curious for the rest of the paper. If you were not able to capture reader attention in the introduction of your paper, then you would fail to engage them for the rest of the assignment. Your introduction should be able to serve two major purposes

  1. One it should be able to present your topic to the audience in an engaging manner. This is usually the opening sentence where the reader should be captivated by a strong fact, logic, quotation, anecdote or anything that can act as a hook
  2. Two, it should describe the scope of your paper to the audience. This means the thesis statement that you include by the end of your introduction paragraph. It will show the extract of your work or the aim you are trying to achieve with your paper.

The stance for your paper

You have to clarify your stance in the beginning of your paper. For example, the subject of your paper is school uniforms. You have to write whether you support them or are against them. This should be clear in your thesis statement so that you can build the rest of the paper around it

After that you can move to

  1. 1. Composing your thesis statement
  2. 2. Gathering your data about school uniforms
  3. 3. Editing and rephrasing

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