Crafting A Decent Cause And Effect Essay On Macbeth: Things To Know

Macbeth is a theatrical play written by the brilliant and distinguished William Shakespeare in the era close to 1600s. The play tells the story of a typical villain called Macbeth in his efforts to obtain power and richness by committing a series of grave crimes that will cause him and everybody surrounding him fatal results. We would discuss these causes and effects in the section bellow:

Causes for Macbeth decisions

  1. Macbeth, as the villain, the only desire was to obtain the highest amount of power which was the kingdom of Scotland. However, he didn't belong to the next lineage close to obtaining the kingdom. Hence, the villain is reduced to cheat by reaching black magic and the witches who will tell him that one day he will become king of Scotland, but this is an only inadequate piece information that could have set the whole play in motion before the climax of the story arises.
  2. The act of gaining the kingdom through vicious force will cause the villain to lose himself ,and his household to become a suspicious of the many awry and hateful situations that will keep emerging in the kingdom of Scotland. This is important in the play because will give us a chance to know more the villain and the hero who confront him.

Effects of Macbeth in the play

  1. Because the witch(es) didn’t tell the villain how or where he would become the owner of a kingdom. The villain acts in his most logical solution of killing and sizing the whole kingdom. A simple effect that uses some complicated cases as previous showed.
  2. The new King Macbeth of Scotland starts feeling egotism and hysteria. The combination of these feeling causes the villain to commit numerous acts of murder and war through the kingdom of Scotland.
  3. The biggest effect of the whole play was how the villain, now King Macbeth, submerges himself in a deep sea of guilt and distrust to anyone who could discover the truth. This effect could only appear in the play to drive a strong finally in the end.
  4. Another interesting cause is the creation of a hero in the play by having a villain commits destructive effects.

In conclusion, the villain in the story cloud not have inhabited any bad action if the response to his pleads could have been a little more clear and guide him in the correct path changing the cause of his rage into positive actions. The cause and effects of the story written by Shakespeare are a reflection of how simple a cause can manipulate the results in good and evil.

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