Composing A Critical Analysis Essay On Frankenstein In 5 Steps

When you are asked to write a critical analysis essay on any literature or article, you are required to find out if the literature effectively made its point or argument. Whether it is a book, article, film or any type of artwork you are asked to reviewed, it is important that apart from examining how the author made use of rhetorical appeals, you should pay strict attention to the overall effectiveness of such material being reviewed. This brings us to Frankenstein. You have been asked to review this novel written by Mary Shelley, an English author. It could be your first and you don’t really know how or where to begin.

Before you start writing a critical analysis essay on this great work, you should make effort to effectively familiarize yourself with the work. With this done, it will be easier for you to writing a compelling paper on the novel. Some of the things that are necessary in your academic analysis of this novel include the following:

  • Proper identification of the author’s thesis
  • Proper introduction of the work
  • Clear specification of the work’s title, the type of work it is, the name of the author and the genre of the work
  • A clear presentation of the context in which Frankenstein was written

In writing the introduction of your essay, ensure that the content does not exceed 10% of the total length of your work. Your thesis should be part of the introduction through which you give a brief evaluation of the novel you are critiquing. Depending on what you hope to achieve, your thesis can be strictly negative or strictly positive.

After then, you move on to summarizing the novel. In this area of your academic work, a few important key points from the novel are quickly summed up. This should not cover more than one-third of the total length of your work.

This then brings you to the critique proper - the main reason why you are writing the essay in the first instance. This should form the bulk of your work even as you conform strictly to the guidelines provided by your tutor. All your ideas should be addressed separately in different paragraphs.

Finally you are ready to write the conclusion of your paper. This is where you restate your thesis. If there are recommendations on how the novel could have been improved on, this is where you make the assertion. This makes up approximately 10% of the total length of your essay.

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