Ethical Dilemmas

Ethical dilemmas constitute of situations in which persons need to make choices given different options. The available options to choose from may not solve the situation ethically. If it does, then it may contrast other issues of ethical concern. For this reason, therefore, they are also named moral dilemmas. If the decision is not based on making choices or choosing options, them, it is not an issue of the ethical or moral dilemma. In the case of ethical dilemma situations, decision making is not easy. Decision making or problem-solving needs to be based on the personal or societal, ethical guidelines. Either way, the ethical guidelines are unable to make an individual make a choice without contradictions. The use of the guidelines is thus not satisfactory. However, as you make decisions involving such situations, it is essential to ensure that you abide by available social norms, codes of law, and religious settings.

Ethical Dilemmas Situations

Personal friendships may sometimes have situations that involve ethical dilemmas. For example, when in long term friendships it becomes hard to make decisions especially on how to approach issues in relationships. A partner may have difficulties enquiring actions of the other based on information provided by other people. One is thus afraid of doing the right thing to avoid hurting friendships and relationships. Societal Dilemmas, on the other hand, refer to situations that may contrast other values in the society. An individual however needs to weigh all options availed to make a good decision that will affect society positively. These dilemmas are hard to come out from.

Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing

Ethics in nursing and public health involve the characteristic of doing or causing no harm while in practice. However, ethics differs with personality, social values and knowledge from nurse to the other. Different nurses can thus make different decisions over the same ethical or moral dilemma. Deception verses the truth is one issue in nursing that causes the dilemma. Telling a patient for example of the extent of illness may cause discouragements, which consequently worsen the situation. On the other hand, the truth about conditions sometimes goes against integrity and honesty values. Other choices include choice and life issues. Different nurses have different perceptions on choices patients make. There is, for example, the ethical dilemma of how to treat patients who attempt abortions. The nurses are sometimes in the moral dilemma concerning patient autonomy. Whereas it is a principle they need to respect, they sometimes decide to take actions they think is best for patients.

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