Composing A Five-Paragraph Problem Solution Essay: Helpful Strategies

A problem solution essay is the kind of paper where you need to identify a certain problem for your readers and give its precise and comprehensive solution in the body of your paper. The basic purpose of this assignment is to assess the problem solving skills of the students and understanding their hold over the subject of interest. This also lets the teacher analyze the quality of writing and vocabulary of the students in a class. The writer on the other hand gets an opportunity to express his ideas and share his opinions with the target audience. He can talk about anything he feels of significant value and can bring reader attention to it.

While writing a problem solution assignment the first thing you need to have is the problem that you will address in your paper. You should be able to identify a niche and see a significant area that needs attention. It is very important that the problem you choose to talk about is unique and fresh. Do not write about over dragged issues that everyone knows already. Even if you want to talk about an old problem, you should have a new approach and solution to it. This will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

After you choose the problem, you need to justify your choice to the readers. This means that you should explain the significance of this matter and show your readers why you chose to write about it. This section might require you to carry out a literature review and analyze the background of the subject in order to identify and explain the gap in this area to your readers.

The introduction of your paper does not only present the topic and show its importance, but it also suggests the scope of the rest of the assignment. You should be able to do this in a thesis statement by the end of the introduction paragraph.

The body of your paper is the part where you discuss your major arguments and present your proposed solution to the problem you have discussed. The solutions should be real, achievable, timely, and logical. You need to have enough evidence and supporting materials to support the solution you are suggesting in the body.

The conclusion is the last paragraph in your assignment where you summarize everything you have discussed so far in the paper.

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