Tactics And Strategies For Writing A 9th Grade Expository Essay

Not much is expected from 9th graders when it comes to writing expository essays. However, there are some basic skills that are required. Expository essay writing includes research reports and analytical essays that speculate on cause and effect relationship of a situation. By having a proper understanding of what expository learning entails, parents and teachers can easily guide the young ones.

Grade 9 students are expected to write for various audiences. Here are some of their writing audiences:

  • Narrative/creative
  • Expository
  • Persuasive
  • Response to literature
  • Business documents
  • Technical documents


The ninth graders using prewriting as a way of generating information develop their voice and finally plan their writing. Brainstorming, holding discussion and research materials are some of the sources of information. Some of the tools they use include spreadsheets, outlines and diagrams. It is at this point that they make an outline for their essay.


The students develop drafts on their own by organizing and reorganizing the content. The purpose of the draft is to establish a controlling thesis outline that is logical. The students are expected to maintain a tone and focus that is consistent throughout the essay. The use of precise language and active voice is recommended. The students are also expected to have good command of language that expresses confidence.


After writing the draft, it should be revised before handing it over. The coherence, the logic and developing meaningful relationship among the paragraphs should be checked. Other revision factors to consider include accuracy of supporting details ( facts, supporting statistics), purpose of the essay, choice of words and audience and definition among other facts.


Editing should be done to ensure that the essay is up to standard. Factors that ninth graders should look out for during editing include style, content, language convections and the organization of the essay.


Thanks to the technological advancement, it is now very easy to publish expository essays to get published in the appropriate formats. During publishing, design techniques such as graphics, columns, spacing, margins and tabs should be applied on the essay.


Basically, there are three guides to writing a good expository essay.

Good organization of paragraphs

Thorough development of ideas

Control of language usage.

Even if the student is unsure of the topic, they should explain both sides of the arguments. Persuasive writing allows one side of the discussion. Try this company as a guide for writing expository essay for 9th graders.

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