20 Literary Analysis Writing Prompts That Can Trigger Your Imagination

Writing a literary analysis essay requires a big imaginative mind from the student. Literary analysis essay is a special kind of essay that a student in literature class has to write before he has completed the course. Before you can even write such an essay you need to have several novels or stories that you have read. From such books is where you will get the prompts that will be discussed in your essay.

In literature, there are probably 101 prompts that a student can consider or write about. In consideration to this prompts there are many annotations that one can derive from a particular story that can be used as a point of discussion. Below are 20 literary analysis writing prompts that can trigger your imagination.

  1. Analyze the mood in a story that contradicts the overall intention of the story theme.
  2. Contradict the writer’s general intention in the book with a story he himself as used.
  3. Analyze the stylistic device the writer used to bring out the overall theme in his book.
  4. Analyze a physical object that has been used to create symbolism in a story.
  5. Analyze the role of women as depicted in the story
  6. How has the role of a particular object been depicted in relation to the story’s general theme?
  7. Elaborate on a specific symbol that has changed the reader’s view from what is expected.
  8. Explain the significance of a particular figurative language the author has used in his story.
  9. How well has the author used literary devices to display the general theme of the story?
  10. An object has been symbolized more than five times in a story discuss how it affects the story’s theme.
  11. Discuss how the author has used literary devices to affect the overall style of the story.
  12. Discuss the conflict that is displayed by a character’s behavior in relation to the general theme.
  13. Show how the author used an object to symbolize something else.
  14. Discuss the theme of the story?
  15. How did the author come about the theme of the novel?
  16. Explain why the author used certain figurative language.
  17. Using an imagery example explain why the author opted to use it in his story.
  18. In regards to how the author ends his story, discuss the lessons achieved by his story.
  19. The author has contradicted himself at various stages of his book discuss the relevance of such writing style.
  20. Discuss the conflict displayed by a certain character in the story.

You can always think of more writing prompts to make an essay about. Find help here for more literary analysis writing prompts.

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