Ways To Compose A Good Explanatory Essay About Video Games

Video games are a great topic for an explanatory essay. There are so many things to say about them that you won’t have any difficulties with finding the material to fill your paper with. The fact that they are really interesting and most people love them turn the process of writing into a pleasant pastime.

Here are some simple tips that will help you create a really good explanatory essay on video games:

  • Always start with an outline.
  • Developing an outline is essential if you want to make the process of writing a simple task. With a plan, you will be able to organize your thoughts, which will simplify the things immensely. Choose the type of outline you feel most comfortable working with. There are two options for you:

    • Thesis outline.
    • This is when you create a plan where every point is a short thesis phrase. You’ll need to expand it into a real statement when you start writing the actual paper.

    • Sentence outline.
    • This plan consists of topic sentences (one per each paragraph). Developing an outline like this might take longer, but turning it into an essay will be easier as you will only need to add some evidence and examples to the topic sentences.

  • Don’t hold back when you write the first draft.
  • At this stage, you shouldn’t think about formalities, word count, or even language when you write. Your main objective is to put all of your ideas on paper. If you come up with something interesting while you work, write it down as well, even if this makes you deviate from the plan.

  • Edit in several stages.
  • The process of editing is complex and time-consuming. If you want to do a really good job, you should allocate as much time for revision and editing as you do for research and writing. When you complete your rough draft, you need to start polishing it to perfection.

    • Revise the content first.
    • Organize all the ideas you’ve put onto the paper in the most logical manner. Then think which of them aren’t 100% necessary to illustrate the point you are trying to make with your explanatory essay. Mercilessly cut out everything that is filler content, even if this will reduce the word count below the necessary level. In this case, you will just need to do some extra research to fill the gap.

    • Grammar and spelling.
    • Reread the work several times and check for one type of mistakes at a time. It’s easier to spot them when you work with printouts.

    • Format.
    • Go over the formatting requirements and make sure your paper meets all of them.

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